Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A75 173 acres with lake views, 40+ waterfalls, 2 houses - $800,000
Great potential marks this large finca. It is located on the tourist route from the Arenal Volcano to Monteverde Cloud Forest. Tourists at the volcano come from their hotels to the dam by van. At that point boats bring them to the mouth of the Ro Chiquito. They are met there by other vans which pass by this property on their way to Monteverdet. Of coure, it also work in other direction as guests in Monteverde and Santa Elena travel to the volcano area to see the volcano up close and perhaps soak in the hot springs. The waters on this 173-acre property are numerous, though they are not hot. There are also wondrful views down the stupendously beautiful Rio Chiquto valley to Lake Arenal. Arenal Volcano can also be seen from various parts of the finca. Both houses have 4 bedrooms and 1 bath. They have water but not electricity. The price is just 71 cents a square meter.
The finca has views of Lak Arenal and also of Arenal Volcano on its 173 acres.
In the center of the photo, the Rio Chiquito flows into Lake Arenal. To the right of this photo, Arenal Volcano would stand out on a clear day. Below are photos of A FEW of the many waterfalls on the property.
One of as many as 40 cataratas or waterfalls on the property. Another of the waterfalls on the finca.
Another of the 40 waterfalls on the ranch. A waterfal with pond on the property overlooking Rio Chiquito.
Another of the 40 waterfalls on this property near Santa Elena and the Montevere Cloud Forest. Here's Arenal Volcano as seen lower down at Rio Chiquito close to where the tourist boats land.
These are a few of the estimated 40 waterfalls that are on this finca at the head of the Rio Chiquito valley.
Down near th base of the Rio Chiquito valley is this view of Arenal Volcano not far from the tourist boat landing.
This is one of the two houses on the property. The second house, both of which have water but not electricity.
These are the two homes on the property. Both have water but not electricity.
The two houses are widely separated on the hillside overlooking the monumental vista. From the houses, here's the view down the fabulously beautiful valley to the Rio Chiquito estuary in Lake Arenal.
The two homes are fairly widely separated in their location high on the mountainside.
This view from the homes shows the Rio Chiquito valley and the river estuary.
A road on the property follows a broad ridge high above the Lake Arenal basin.  
A road on the property follows a wide ridge high above the Arenal basin.
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