Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A80 12.4-acre farm at Tierras Morenas with volcano vistas - $$258,140

This farm has extensive pastures, rising slowly to a very wide pasture at the eastern end, from which there are expansive vistas in every direction, including three dormant volcanos to the north and the Guanacaste lowlands to the west. The farm is nearly on the flank of the beautiful Tenorio Volcano. The western end, the low end, is on a secondary road just 1.3 kilometers from the paved Sabalito -Tierras Morenas road. Thus it is 10-15 minutes from the lake and less than 30 frm Tilaran. Along the whole southern side of the property is a quebrada with a wide forest sheltering a stream. The farm has its own water sources with two springs in addition to the stream. However, it is already well supplied at very low cost by a governmental system. The fairly large 2-bedroom 1-bathroom house has a new zinc roof but generally is a rudimentary structure which would be adequate shelter until a North American-style house could be built. With its views, its water supply, its forest, and its accessibility, and its gentle terrain, this farm could be developed as a multi-residence site.

The 2BR 1BA house is beside a secondary road 1.3 kilometers from Tierras Morenas. Currently the farm has only a half-dozen horses and no cows.
The house sits at the bottom of the hillside property 1.3 km from the paved highway at Tierras Morenas.
Presently there are only a handful of horses on the property. The pastures are sometimes rented to other cattle ranchers
From the wide hilltop at the west end of the farm, there is this view of the dormant Tenorio Volcano, which is often partly obscured by clouds. To the northwest, farms lead to a row of wind turnbines with propellers just visible behind a hill.
To the northeast is Tenorio Volcano as seen from the eastern end. To the northwest stretch fincas leading to a barely visible line of wind turbines.
From the top of the farm there is a view of the coastal lowlands with the Temisque River system. To the south, in the direction of Tierras Morenas and Tilaran, are more typical fincas with pasture and forest.
From the wide top pasture there is this view to the west of the Guanacaste lowlands with the Timpisque River system.
To the south are more fincas leading to the village of Tierras Morenas and then to the major commercial center, Tilaran.
A stream runs through woods along the whole long south side of the farm. A wide band of forest follows the stream down the side of the farm.
A forest-sheltered stream borders the whole southern side of the finca. In addition there are two springs. However, the house and farm are served by a government system (MINAE).
At the lower end of the farm, above the house, is a corral. This water apple is one of several fruit trees on the finca.
Just above the house at the western, lower end of the farm is a corral.
A water apple tree has carpeted the ground with ripe fruit.
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