Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A81 A fantasyland of 28 acres between village and volcano - $566,500
Located about 4 miles southwest of Arenal Volcano between two river valleys, this is a visually thrilling property filling both days and nights with dramatic vistas. Slightly farther to the southwest is the village of El Castillo. The owners fell in love with this foothill acreage several years ago, but economic conditions in the United States ruined their plans to build a home here. Thus someone else will have the opportunity to enjoy the fabulous views of Arenal Volcano, its shorter companion Cerro Chato, 24-mile-long Lake Arenal, the thick neighboring forests of Arenal National Park, and the complex velvety terrain surrounding this former ranch. Two rural roads reach the property, one of them climbing the hills above Linda Vista Del Norte Hotel to enter the acreage from the north, the other climbing through the village of El Castillo and then turning east to form the southern boundary of the ranch. The town of La Fortuna is about 30 minutes away and in between are many hotels and hot springs, such as the famous Tabacon, which is about 20 minutes distant. On this road rimming the southern end of Lake Arenal are a few hotels, including the famous Arenal Observatory Lodge. There is also Sky Tram, a tourist favorite at Arenal Volcano. Light and weather play constantly with Arenal Volcano, making it an always fascinating sight except when the clouds decide to completely blanket the mountain. After dark, streams of lava can be seen pouring far down the southwest side of the mountain in brilliant molten streaks. The rivers Piedras Negras and Los Aguas Gatos flow in valleys on either side of the property.
This finca has beautiful and exciting views of Arenal Volcano.
The road to the property and the village of El Castillo skirts Arenal Volcano while following the southern end of Lake Arenal.
Below the property is a tourist hotel. Just past the road up to the acreage is the village of El Castillo.
Below the property, a tourist hotel has great views of Lake Arenal as well as the volcano.
A half mile from the acreage to the west is the village of El Castillo.
From the acreage there is a great view down the 24-mile-long Lake Arenal. The property is blessed with some of the world's most beautiful vistas.
Here's a view of Lake Arenal from the ranch. Faintly visible at the right edge of the photo is the hotel pictured above.
The faintly visible road from El Castillo approaches the southern end of the ranch where it forms the southern property line.
The terrain between the acreage and the mountain is beautifully complex as in this shot of the valey of the Piedras Negras River. The Rio Piedras Negras comes into view in the shot toward Cerro Chato.
Here's the beautiful valley immediately to the east of the hilltop ranch.
Another shot of the valley shows the Cerro Chato and a bit of the Piedras Negras River.
The road to El Castillo and this property skirt the lake on the long lakeward slope at the foot of the volcano. Arenal Volcano and its companion Cerro Chato constant visual stimulation as the clouds and light often play around them and the lava flows from the volcano cascade down the mountainside at night.
The appearance of the volcano changes throughout the day, often including glorious sunrises and sunsets.
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