Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A82 17.4-acre farm with river, small house, pond - $138,400
At just $1.91 per square meter, this farm is a better bargain than most. It has other good features as well. It fronts on the main road between Lake Arenal and San Rafael de Guatuso, just a couple of hundred yards from the center of the neat village of Cabanga. This narrow front end is just wide enough for a small house and the private internal road that runs to the middle of the very long property where it reaches a farm outbuilding. Behind the roadside house, the property widens out abruptly and continues to widen gradually as it makes its way to the distant thick forest and the river that curves through a corner of the far end. There's a small tilapia pond near the front of the farm and scatterings of trees and crops along the way to the pastured low hill at the far end. The hill would make a good building site for a new house near the river and forest. A new owner could take their time doing something with this versatile property. The current owner will continue to live in his home on a separate small lot carved out of the front corner of the finca and thus will continue to provide security and assistance. The location is only 15 minutes from the large town of San Raphael, where there are lumber and hardware suppliers. San Raphael is on the paved road to La Fortuna and the major central towns and San Jose so this is an easy travel location.
The arm is long and narrow but expands its width as it reaches toward the distant forest and river. The farm fronts on the Guatuso road at the edge of the village of Cabanga.
The farm extends to the distant forest.
It fronts on the road through Cabanga.
The gate on the Guatuso road begins the internal road which leads to the middle of the finca.
One of the farm's two houses is this small place beside the Guatuso road.
The entrance gate on the Cabanga road opens to the internal road.
This small typical house, currently unoccupied, is one of two on the farm.
The interior road curves behind the house before heading along the long west side of the farm. This view from the neighboring farm shows the interior road bordering the finca's west side.
The internal road curves behind the front house and then continues down the western edge of the property, as seen here from far down a neighboring finca.
From the ront the farm descends to a low area with a Tilapia pond. The second house and other structures are in the middle of the farm.
The edge of a tilapia pond is barely visible here behind the trees. The property descends steeply behind the front house.
A second house and other farm structures are in the middle of the finca. Which continues on rolling terrain to the forest.
The Cabanga River flows through the northern end of the farm. Across the Guatuso road, a Gringo family keeps a couple of kayaks in their very large tilapia pond.
Behind the pastured low hill runs the Cabanga River. The farm also has a creek.
Across the Cabanga road, a Gringo family has kayaks on their large tilapia pond.
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