Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A83 10.6-acre farm with creek in Cabanga hills above Lake Arenal - $86,500
A nearly flag-shaped property at the the village of Cabanga, this pretty farm with a central creek starts out just 42 yards wide at its front on the Cabanga road but after 70 yards opens widely and then gradually to the 449 yards mingling with the forest on its northern border. The first third of the property is a high table with good grass. It then descends easily to the central area with the creek after which it climbs gently on planted slopes to where it borders the forest. It is priced at approximately $2 per square meter or $8,160 per acre. Cabanga is a farming village in the hills east of Lake Arenal. The shortest way to a paved highway is to continue east for about 15 minutes to the town of San Raphael de Guatuso where there are lumber and hardware suppliers. There are no buildings on the farm.
At the entrance porton on the Cabanga road, the farm is very narrow, just over 40 yards. The body of the farm is quite wide as shown here where a central fence creates two sides.
The entrance porton on the Cabanga road.
The farm reaches the forest at the north end.
From the narrow front on the Cabanga road - a width of just over 40 yards, a vestigial road leads into the property. Here the road has reached a point where the farm begins to widen dramatically in a couple of steps.
The owner (in yellow) and his brother look back on the vestigial road that leads from the narrow southern side of the property to where it widens dramatically to more than 400 yards.
Good grass covers the remains of a former crop or orchard near the front. A fence runs down the middle of the farm, which now has widened greatly.
After the farms passes this narrow part, it is bisected by a fence which runs to the far end.
Cows graze on the high ground that comprises the front third of the farm. The front plateau starts its descent toward the creek.
The slope to the center of the farm is not too steep. In the center valley begin the crops stretching to the far end.
From the plateau on the first third, the farm descends toward the central creek valley.
Beside the fence separating this farm from the neighbor, the crop climbs toward the forest. On the right side of the bisected farm, the crops merge with the woods.
The left photo shows the farm readhing the trees on the left side of the central fence and the right photo shows the crops reaching into the woods on the right side of the fence.
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