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A84 14-acre farm with pretty river at Cabanga - $137, 500

The excellent location is an important feature of this lovely farm. It is located at the farming village of La Cabanga. In fact, the short private road in to the farm begins within 50 yards of Cabanga's sports center. Cabanga is on the road that crosses through the hills to the east of Lake Arenal from Nuevo Arenal to the Northern Zone town of San Raphael de Guatuso. The Continental Divide runs north and south through these hills, giving birth to pretty rivers that flow to the east. One of them, the Quebrada Cabanga (Cabanga River) bisects this farm and then, 100 yards farther along, gives birth to a second river, the Quebrada Panecillo. The descent from Cabanga to the handy town of San Raphael takes about 15 minutes, bringing you to the paved highway system that takes one swiftly to La Fortuna, Ciudad Quesada, and onward to San Jose. The farm has pastured hills with scattered woods on either side of the river. The southern part of the farm before the stream is the larger part and has a beautiful rather level area before the river woods, an area with good sites for a home. This area also has a spring from which a small creek winds to the river. On the other side of the river, the north portion rises gently to a small hilltop with great views of the mountains and the Northern Zone agricultural lowlands.
The farm begins just 400 yards down a farm road from the main road near the center of the village of La Cabanga. The farm is bisected by the Cabanga river, which slits into two rivers 100 yards downstream from the farm.
From near the center of the village of La Cabanga, this 400-yard-long farm road reaches the farm at the top of the pastured hill in the distance.
From the eastern boundary of the property, we see the Cabanga River, shaded by forest, passing between the two halves of this beautiful farm
At the souther end (closest to Cabanga), the farm slopes downhill toward the river, rising again after the river to another pastured hilltop. At the bottom of the southern slope, the levels out to provide nice sites for a home amid the scattered woods.
The wide southern end of the farm shares a hilltop with the neighboring farm.
The farm slopes down from the southern end to the river valley
The pretty terrain between the southern hill and the river would be a fine area in which to build a home. A spring on the farm creates this stream which winds through the farm to the river.
The only building now on the property is this cow shed.
This creek comes from a natural spring on the farm.
Thick forest remains on the farm just before the river. The forest provides beautiful sheltered areas within.
Not far from the cow shed is the riverside forest which borders both sides of the river.
The neighboring farmer has thinned the riverside forest, making this edenic area.
On the other side of the river the farm rises on an easy slope to a hilltop with wide views of the surround mountains to the north and west and the Northern Zone plains to the east. Downstream from the farm, the river splits in two, forming the Panecillo River as well as the Cabanga River.
On the other side of the river, the farm climbs a slight hill from which there are terrific vistas of mountains and verdant lowlands.
100 yards downstream from the farm, the river splits in two, the Cabanga continuing to right, the Panecillo to left.
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