Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
Price drastically reduced to $800,000
A85 136-acre farm on Nicoya Peninsula - $1,703,000
Seemingly remote but easily reached, this beautiful 136-acre finca is located in the middle of the Guanacaste lowlands just off Highway 21 a few miles from Santa Cruz. Liberia's international airport is less than an hour away. The western end of the long, fairly narrow and mostly level finca rises to forested hills which surround a last pastured valley. Out of this valley flows a shaded stream that bisects the whole length of the farm. An additional fine water source and beautiful feature is the Rio Tigre, which borders most of the south side, wraps around the eastern end where the farm house is and continues 1/5 of the way up the north side before striking off north itself. The forested west end of the property almost abuts the two sections of the National Forest Reserve Diria. Famous beaches such as Tamarindo and Samara are about an hour away. There's much forest bordering and separating wide expanses of pasture on this wonderful land. The rancher is asking just $3 per square meter for the land, which includes a 3BR 1BA house of 2100 square feet and a barn or storage building of 8600 square feet. The wooden house is 10 years old, the barn 5 years.
The farm looks to the east toward the Tempisque River Basin To the west is the Pacific coastal range. To the west, the hills rise up into the National Forest Reserve Diria.
The farm lies between the Tempisque River Basin and the Pacific coastal range in the middle of Guanacaste's Nicoya Peninsula.
At the western end, the long, somewhat narrow farm rises to forrested hills which shelter a final pastured ampitheater.
There are vast fields of pasture bordered and interspersed with woods. The ranch house and barn are at the east end of the property not far from the paved highway that runs down the center of the Nicoya Peninsula.
Most of the ranch contains great expanses of pasture bordered and cut by forest.
The ranch home and barn are located at the eastern end of the finca near San Juan village.
A strem runs from the forested wested hills at the west end of the property all the way to the east end and beyond. A river borders much of the north sideof the finca and then curls around the east end and briefy along the south side before heading south itself.
A shaded creek running west to east nearly the whole length of the farm provides an important water source for farming.
A river borders about half the finca including most of the south side, the eastern end and part of the north side.
The stream (quebrada), arising in the extreme western hilly end of the property, travels the whole length of the long, narrow acreage, a great boon to the finca. Cattle graze in an irregular pasture dotted with stands of forest.
The stream (quebrada) provides not only water and a cooling effect, but beauty.
While much forest remains, the farm is big enough to provide plentiful pasture.
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