Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A96 Huge macadamia plantation - buy whole thing or pick your favorite part
This 642-acre plantation near the village of Cabanga in the hills about 20 minutes east of Nuevo Arenal totals 2,600,000 square meters. The owner will sell the whole finca for $1.75 a square meter ($4,550,000). Small lots of 1/2 hectar to 2 hectares (about 1 1/4 acres to 5 acres) he will sell for $5 a square meter. On parcels larger in size or a combination of lots he is asking as little as $3.25 a square meter. The owner says further, "We are taking any reasonable offers and are offering terms with great options! My house is located on the property. It is an amazing farm with views of lake Nicaragua and Volcano Tenorio. The farm has over 4,000 Macadamia trees, and two large fishing ponds full of bass and tilapia. The Rio Cote river runs though the property. It is a large river with great fishing! I have caught tilapia with a fly rod, which is a blast! The farm backs to a protected cloud forest as well." Terms are as simple as $1,000 down and $300 a month.
A horseback rider pauses beside the wide and exciting, fish-filled Rio Cote.
A horse and rider pause beside the "Laughing Rio Cote" on the huge finca.
The lake is full of bass and tilapia. There is a great variety of terrains, including shallow ravines and rollling hills.
One of two lakes on the plantation.
There's much besides macadamia trees.
The river, turbulent in places, is known as the Laughing Rio Cote. Not only are there forested areas as well as scattered woods, but over 4,000 macadamia trees have been planted.
The Rio Cote rewards the fly fisherman.
A woodsy area.
With over 642 acres of varying terrain, there's much to choose from in picking your own piece of this beautiful countryside. From a high point on the eastern end of the property, the miles of rolling plains of the provinces of Alajuela and the Northern Zone can be seen.
There's much to choose from.
The northern plains lie to the east.
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