Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale

Take advantage: building with great potential now just $85,0000

B13 Remodeled commercial building on busy lake highway - $245,000
This extensively renovated business complex within yards of Nuevo Arenal's main tourist area was formerly leased to restaurant and souvenir businesses in the main building and to a crafts manufacturing business in the adjacent space, but is now vacant. It's located just 200 yards from the turn into Nuevo Arenal on the busy tourist route from La Fortuna and Arenal Volcano. The second story is open to take advantage of the temperate tropical climate and the lake view. It's located right across the highway from the lake on an inlet which ICE has already approved as the future site of a marina. This promising complex is available for $85,000, on which the owner is willing to carry a lease/option with significant down. There is a 2-bedroom apartment on the first floor while the second floor has a half-bathroom. The property is suitable for a range of businesses. Because of the large shop building and the parking availble in front, this could be a car repair business. It could be a combination cafe, souvenir shop, and kayak rental. There are many possibilities. In addition, the small 2BR home adjacent to the business is available for $65,000. The lakeview house - just steps across the tourist highway from an arm of the lake - and adjacent lot are offered together for $77,000. See photos and info at H133.
The remodeled building is now open with a restaurant, gift shop, and craft manufacturer occupying the spaces. The complex is right across the tourist highway from the lake.

Tourist cars, vans, and buses pass here on the way to the Pacific coast, the airport at Liberia, Monteverde, etc.

A protected arm of Lake Arenal reaches almost to the highway. ICE has in principal approved a marina here.
The properties are right across the lake highway from a finger of the lake, though the lake level was lower than usual at the time this photo was taken. A remodeled 2-story rental sits on a high lakeview bank on the other side of the courtyard.
The building, shown here during remodeling, is across the paved lake highway from a finger of the lake (lake level down at photo time).
The rental house sits above the road with the crafts studio (hidden) between it and the building (seen during remodeling).
A finger of the lake lies right across the paved lake highway from the building. The large open-air area on the second floor has a nice view of the lake inlet.
A finger of Lake Arenal almost reaches the highway in front of the complex.
The open-air second floor gives a good view of the lake and bordering forest.
The kitchen has a pass-through to the restaurant area. The new kitchen before the restaurant tenants rented the space.
Here's part of the restaurant operation.
The kitchen when completed but not occupied.
First is the front of the restaurant and store, then is the building now being used for crafts manufacture. On the high bank beyond is the rental house. Here's the current souvenir-manufacturing setup in the building adjacent to the restaurant.
From right to left - the restaurant/souvenir shop, the crafts operation, & the rental home.
This crafts manufacturing business serves the neighboring gift shop and others,.
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