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B19 Riverside water sports, recreation and camping complex - $2,000,000
It's located on the developing Miravalles Volcano Tourist Circuit
The huge pool can be zoomed into from a 250-foot slide. The pool has a children's shallow section at one end and a covered swimmer's bar at the other.
This 4.5-acre recreation center, just 2 years old, is located in the relatively hot lowlands of Guanacaste at Bagaces, a town on the Interamerican Highway 30 minutes from the international airport at Liberia. The property is about 1 mile east of Bagaces on the paved road to the villages on the flanks of the Miravalles Volcano. It borders the Rio Bagaces for about 870 feet. There's a water slide of 260 feet into a very large pool. To regain the start house, one actually can enter a tunnel in the water and walk up underground to the slide start house. At one end of the pool is a large shallow pool for children. At the other end is a swimmers' bar. About half of the property is forested. There's a campground on the edge of the forest and a pretty trail winding through it. Among the several buildings on the site are a modern, tiled lavatory and shower building, a kitchen and snack bar, a roofed party center accomodating 70 people (above the showers, toilets and dressing areas), a typically rustic large Costa Rican rancho, and storage facilities. In a curved wall in front of the dressing rooms are 6 outsdoors showers for men and 6 for women. Among other recreational facilities are a soccer field and a volleyball area. The pool has a diving platforms as well as the slide. Much has been done in just two years to develop this complex and there's much more that could be done to make this attraction with its forest and bordering river an even better destination for family and tourist recreation. This area, already known as the Miravalles Tourist Circuit, as a whole has great activity and even greater promise as a tourist destination. The paved road leads through beautiful terrain with several micro-climates to at least 7 villages on the slopes of Miravalles Volcano, the highest mountain in the range. Around the mountainside tourists may enjoy hotsprings, mud baths and other volcanic features of the dormant Miravalles. Five geothermal plants extract vapors from deep in the volcano to produce electricity. There are many opportunities for tourists to visit farms and agricultural processing plants. There's horseback riding and even fishing at various locations.
A swimmer zooms down the slide to the pool. Children enjoy the large children's pool.
The 260-foot slide is a thrilling attraction. Bolts are in place for further roofing as seen at the end of the slide in the photo below.
Two children enjoy the large shallow pool beside the main pool. At the other end is the swimmers' bar.
S slider hits the wateer. The facilities include a bank of modern tiled hand basins.
A swimmer hits the water after a long slide.
The bathrooms have modern fixtures.
There's a kitchen and snack bar. There are modern, private showers.
The snack bar.
A shower room.
A trail winds through the forest. In front of the dressing rooms is a curving wall of 12 outdoor showers, 6 for men and 6 for women.
The forest trail goes through 2 acres of forest and there is a forest campground.
The curving wall in front of the dressing rooms has 12 outdoor showers, 6 for each sex.
The Rio Bagaces tumbles over small dam beside the property. There's a soccer field with netted goals and a volleyball area.
A small dam on the Bagaces River.
The soccer field and volleyball area.
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