Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
Off the market currently
B22 66-acre finca, a promising eco-development with lots of pure water
The owner has not set a price but wants to consider offers.
The eco-finca has 5 buildings on it at present, providing a total of 7 habitations for humans and one for horses and a milking shed for cows.
The owner of this large ranch has worked for years on his dream of developing this ecological paradise and so he named the 66 acres Finca Paraiso Ecologico. Advancing years and family matters have slowed him down, however, and so he's listing it to see if anyone else is interested in such an enterprise. Two neighboring pieces comprise the property, one of about 35 acres and the other of 31. He will sell either one or both. The smaller piece contains the buildings seen above, a very large pond, and several areas he has semi-prepared for recreational or business activities such as a soccer field or tilapia ponds. The ranch, high in the hills looking toward the northern volcanos and the Tempisque River Basin, has no residents or cattle farms above it, so the streams and springs are pure. There are roads through the property and many sites suitable for building. There are several forested areas, one of which has trails. The ranch is in the Tierras Morenas area about 20 minutes from Lake Arenal.
The large pond is here glimpsed through the trees and in the distance appears the cloud-topped Tenorio Volcano.
Glimpsed in this photo looking to the north are the large pond and the lower left flank of Tenorio Volcano. The finca extends beyond the ridge seen in the approximate middle of the photo. To the distant left is part of the base of the Miravalles Volcano, which, like Tenorio, is dormant except for fumaroles and hot waters at the base.
This very large pond is filled with pure water from springs and a stream. This trail meanders through a forest of two acres near the buildings.
The largest of several ponds on the finca.
A trails winds through woods near the buildings.
One of several streams emerges from the woods. Another stream winds through a field.
A busy stream emerges from a forest.
The 31-acre part of the finca has 5 streams.

The closest of 4 buildings is a two-room guest building under construction. The dark building behind is a stables. Above arre, on the left, the owner's duplex, and, to the right, a building with 3 guest rooms, including kitchenettes.

A road passes by the large pond, heading toward the northern part of the 66 acres
The closest of 4 buildings is a guest house with 2 bedrooms. The brown building is a stable. Above are the owner's duplex on the left and a building with 3 cabinas on the right.
A road, seasonal in some places, heads past the pond toward the the northern, less developed part of the property consisting of 35 acres with mountain and lowland vistas.
The owner has fitted out this open-space apartment for himself for his periodic visits from the family's current residence iin the Central Valley. A covered porch fronts the three apartments, which each have bathrooms and kitchenettes.
This half of the duplex is used by the owner on frequent visits from his Central Valley home. This long porch shelters the entrances to the 3 cabinas, which each have bathrooms and kitchenettes.
A small aprtment building with two rooms sharing a bathroom is under construction near the corral. The lower buildings are the corral and beyond it the new apartments. Preliminary work on roads, building sites and recreational areas can be seen also.
One of the two rooms in the unfinished guest cabin near the stable.
Way behind the stable and guest cabin are the Guanacaste lowands and Tempisque River.
In the center of the photo is the property's fifth building, a cow barn that sits at about the southern edge of the northern 35 acres. Another northern volcano, Miravalles, is partially seen in this shot, the major part hidden by the clouds it creates locally.
In the center of the photo is the cow barn that is near the border of the northern and southern parcels of the finca. A small part of the cloud-covered Tenorio Volcano is visible.
Past the Tenorio Volcano is Miravalles Volcano, which has a large geothermal power station. A third volcano,Rincon de La Vieja, can also be seen from the finca.
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