Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
Now $329,000
B34 Dos Rios (Two Rivers): handsome property with commercial potential
These two neighboring properties can be combined to form a restaurant/rental cabins complex in a fine location between a pretty river and the Lake Arenal highway in beautiful terrain. For 8 years a restaurant, the new 2-bedroom 2-bath home is easily convertible to a restaurant. It sits on one very attractively landscaped acre with two entrances from the lake highway and plenty of parking space. The neighboring 1.75 acres with 2 aging cabinas and, above them, a very large lakeview lot, have plenty of room for additional cabins or homes. Put together these 2 properties and there are commercial possibilities as a B&B or as a restaurant and cabinas. The 2.75 acres are near the village of La Union on the beautiful stretch of lakeside highway between Nuevo Arenal and Arenal Volcano. Click here to see our presentation of the house alone and click here to see our presentation of the lakeview acreage with the 2 cabins. The price for the two properties together is $329,000. Owner financing is available.
The 1 3/4-acre lot rises above the cabins to gain excellent lake views. The solidly built home entrance stairway to a house-wide frontal veranda.
Property 2: This photo taken from above the properties shows the general area. The upper acreage includes the large bright green field and extends below that through the forest to the lake highway.
Property 1: The broad entrance stairway on the river side of the property leads to what was for years a restaurant but is now a finely remodeled 2BR 2BA house that could again be a restaurant, an upgraded restaurant.
Two streams join behind the property to form this small river that borders the property until it reaches the highway. The broad lot at the top of the property has a lake view and plenty of space for one or more homes or cabins.
Property 1: The home's acre borders this river, following it all the way to the highway.
Property 2: This broad building site is on the highest part of the 1.75-acre cabina property.
From high on the cabina acreage, the lake highway is visible as it reaches the western edge of the property. From the eastern edge of the property this grassy driveway once brought customers to the restaurant.
Property 2: Below the cabina property the lake highway connects the volcano area with Nuevo Arenal and points west.
Property 1: This sweeping grassed-over driveway once brought patrons from the highway to the restaurant.
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