Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
B41 Popular well-known restaurant with small hotel on 6.4 acres - $1,300,000
The hotel has a fine vista of Lake Arenal.
Beautifully located beside the lake highway about 10 minutes north of Nuevo Arenal, this popular 20-year-old establishment has completely landscaped grounds, an owner's home, 8 accomodations for tourists, an excellent tennis court, and a combination games rancho/bodega. The pleasant restaurant seats 30 guests inside on the second floor of the main building with room for many more to enjoy scenic dining on the terrace that wraps two sides of the restaurant. The restaurant menu includes many German dishes. The kitchen and hotel lobby are also on the second level. Below are 5 nice rooms and storage and utility facilities. A separate cabina contains two lakeview rooms. In addition there is an apartment below the terrace of the owner's home. The broad lawns provide large, fairly level areas, which could accomodate expanded facilities. After 15 years, the owner says the restaurant and hotel are too busy and he is ready to retire. He also maintains a car rental business, which is for sale separately. Purchase of this property will qualify the buyer for Costa Rican residency.
From the lake highway, this is the view of the two story hotel with spacious restaurant on the top level and 5 rental rooms underneath. The main building sits at the top of the 2.6 hectares of lovely landscaped grounds.
The main building as seen from just below the lake highway, where there is good signage. .
From the lake side, the restaurant terrace and 2 of the rooms are visible beyond a huge lawn.
The bar and lounge area is in the same large space as the restaurant has the same beautiful views. The indoor restaurant is large and pleasant with good views to the landscaped grounds and the lake.
The bar, lounge and restaurant are adjacent in a large area with great views.
There is pleasant terrace dining on 2 sides of the restaurant. At the lower part of the nearly 7 acres is this full-size tennis court.
The terrace may also be set up for dining.
A tennis court is beautifully situated.
The owner's home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Below the owner's home on the lakeview side is a rental apartment.
The street-side entrance to the owner's home.
The apartment below the owner's terrace.
A cabina with 2 rental sides makes a total of 8 rentals on the property. The spacious grounds have large level or near-level areas which more rental accomodations can be built.
The cabina with 2 lakeview rooms.
The acreage is completely landscaped.
The rooms in the cabina are large and modern. Here is the interior of one of the rental rooms in the first floor of the main building.
A cabina interior.
One of the main building's rooms.
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