Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
Off the market. ( in Germany not responding)
B45 4+-acre working tilapia farm with 55-pond license - $75,000
(See operating details at bottom of page).
When we heard the price on this presently producing tilapia farm with great potential, we were astonished. Several years work has gone into it, so a new owner would be many steps to the good. The level 4+ acres is located in a valley less than a mile north of the northern end of Lake Arenal. There's much more water available than even the full complement of 55 ponds will need. The current 18 ponds are well supplied by the clear waters of a small stream entering from the eastern side. But bordering the west side is the Rio Piedras, a substantial small river which when needed in the future can be easily accessed by a gravity system. The owner has been supplying tilapia to some restaurants and stores in the Lake Arenal area, but the future lies in supplying major markets such as San Jose. The property is beautifully located in the picturesque valley that benefits from the Volcan Tenorio watershed. The rich earth is very productive and the banana grove and scattered fruit trees provide a bountiful supply. Included in the sale is of course the small Tico house. The owner is unable to finance full development of the enterprise, but someone else with enough funds and additional hard work will find this property worth far more than its asking price. How does tilapia farming work? See details at bottom of page.
There are 18 existing ponds in various stages of production and completion and plenty of room for the remainder of the 55 licensed. The property extends northward to the treeline visible here.
Views to the south and north show ponds already in place and extensive unused level land for the rest of the 55 proposed ponds.
There's plenty of incoming water for the existing ponds as the view of 4 ponds receiving water shows. A closer shot of two of the ponds.
The piping system supplies strong streams of water to these 4 ponds at once.
There's a lot of value in the piping and ponds already in place.
This stream is the current source of water for the existing ponds. This large pipe carries water from the stream to the ponds.
This stream supplies the current ponds.
A large pipe brings water from the stream.
There's a large outflow of water from the ponds to the Rio Piedras. The Rio Piedras flows along the western border of the property and will be the water source for the full complement of ponds.
There's a strong outflow of used water to the bordering Rio Piedras..
For future growth there's the Rio Piedras, which borders the long western side of the farm..
Solar panels supply electricity to the small Tico home. A 4WD car is included in the sale.
Solar panels supply electricity to the house..
'91 Toyota LandCruiser: SOLD.
The many fruit trees on the property include this banana grove. This toronja or grapefruit tree is one of the many citrus trees.
This banana grove and grapefruit tree are a small part of what the property's rich earth can provide.
Operation of a tilapia farm
The owner/creator of this tilapia farm has given us some facts about the operation. He intends to return to his native country, Germany. Presently he is not raising and selling fish. There are, however, 10 tanks currently ready and another 8 which can be included in the piping system, and the possibility of 55 tanks on the property. Each tank is 32 cubic meters in size. Since the water is free, the cost of a tankful of fry and their food is $170. A tank holds 150-200 fish. First yield of a fresh tank will take 6 months. The size of the fish for sale will be approximately 1/2 kilo or about 1 pound. Meanwhile, new generations of fish will have been started in the tank and these may be used to start other tanks. Each mature fish is sold for about 1700 colones locally, which is over $3.00. At more distant locales, such as Fortuna and beyond, the price is 250 to 300 colones higher. The current owner had routes which he covered a couple of times a week, going to restaurants, small local stores, and residences. There is much potential in more ambitious marketing to include the supermarkets of Tilaran and Nuevo Arenal as well as markets and restaurants farther afield. In addion, an Internet presence would probably be productive, enabling merchants and individuals to find this product source and make orders by email or phone. The owner, with his solar power and 3G modem, has Internet access at the farm. He has no cost for water, since it comes from a year-round stream fed by springs on Mt. Tenorio. In addition there is the larger Rio Piedras, from which much more water can be brought in by a gravity system.
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