Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
H108 Fine example of typical Tico home in Tronadora - $128,000
(Health problems: owner will negotiate, including financing.)
Nueva Tronadora is a pleasant, placid village with wide streets laid out in a flat area after the original village was flooded by the newly dammed Lake Arenal back in the 1980s. This house is of a typical Costa Rican type with small rooms and covered porch and carport, but it has some improved features. Primarily different is the presense of two bathrooms rther than just one. In addition the typical covered porch (here called an ante sala or introductory living room) has been modified into long covered veranda on each side of th house. Another upgrade are the wall cupboards in the kitchen. The owners keep the house absolutely tidy in the common areas while at the back in rough roofed extensions, are areas of storage and pens for animals such as cornish hens and rabbits, a practice typical in rural or semi-rural homes. This home is not typical of what North Americans and Europeans are looking for in Costa Rica. Instead it is a candidate for someone looking for a pleasant small community with conveniences close by. The home is less than 100 yards from the very center of the village, which is arranged around the huge soccer field. The Catholic church is across the street. The village stores are half a block away. Two blocks away in the opposite direction begin the hills which border the western side of Lake Arenal. The elementary school, the high school and the clinic are each just a block away in different directions. There is regular public bus service to Tilaran from the nearby grocery. Offers considered.
The neighborhood around the church is  sedate and well maintained and also is very close to the village stores. Tronadora's huge soccer field, the actual center of the village, is less than 100 yards from the house.
Palm trees decorate the front and side yards.
The soccer field is seen from the yard.
The house is on a wide street that runs from the center of the village to the hills that look down on the town. Across the street from the home is the Catholic church.
The wide street leads to a small park and the farmed and forested hills beyond.

The Catholic church is behind the trees on the other side of the street.

A long veranda runs along the east side of the house from the covered porch in front. On the west side of the house is another long veranda with a carport at the front.
The east side of the house.
The west side with the car port at front.
The tidy kitchen has unique wall cabinets. The combination front room and dining room is meticulously decorated and maintained.
The compact kitchen.
Part of the combined living and dining areas.
The master bedroom has one of the home's two bathrooms. The general bathroom has a shower and toilet and the vanity is in a neighboring alcove.
The master bedroom.
The secondary bathroom.
The TV room is separate from and more casual than the living room. The young occupant of this bedroom, one of three, obviously has  computer and musical interests.
The television room.
Another of the three bedrooms.
The wide yard on the east side of the house has many trees and plants. The owners, like many rural residnts, have pens in which they keep animals such as rabbits and cornish hens.
There are vegetables, fruits and flowers.
Various pens house rabbits and birds.
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