Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale

H155 Half-acre of creek-side beauty with furnished 3BR 2BA home - $120,000

In a small forested valley on the outskirts of the traditional village of Tierras Morenas, this is a seemingly isolated Shangri-la about 20 minutes from Tilaran. There's a beautiful stream flowing past and actually into the property for part of its travel. The gardens are beautiful, a horticultural delight while tall trees and natural forest growth have been retained. The charming village of Tierras Morenas is at the end of the paved road that comes up from the lake highway through Sabalito, so the drive into Tilaran is easy. Beauty, tranquility, and privacy characterize this fine little semi-tropical yet temperate refuge. One of the three bedrooms is currently used as an office. In addition to the two bathrooms, there is a tiled outdoor shower. Don't miss the photos of the village of Tierras Morenas at the bottom of this page.
A pretty year-round stream borders the long north side of the property. The 3BR home has towering trees behind it and lovely landscaping in front as well as some tall trees on the property.
A pretty year-round stream flows past the northern side of the property and for some distance is actually inside the half-acre.
The compact house, with e bedroom and 2.5 bathrooms is prettily situated with tall trees screening it behind.
Much of the half-acre is nicely landscaped with a variety of tropical plants and trees. The healthy stream on the north side of the property in part forms the border but in part is within the property.
Luxurient landscaping with tropical plants provides beauty and restorative tranquility. The stream here curves into the property, away from the neighboring rancher's fence.A year-round creek provides habitat for both howler and white face monkeys, a family of kinkajous, tucans, oropendolas  and many other varieties of birds that nest on the property. The landscape provides a number of fruit trees, and lots of flowers. Huge natural shade trees border the creek.
Inside, the the large windows provide beautiful views of the surrounding gardens. The kitchen is small but bright and nicely organized with a rustic breakfast bar.
The kitchen, dining area and living room together in one large room. Multiple large windows bring brilliant nature inside.
The master suite also has nice garden views. The second bedroom.
The master bedroom.
The second bedroom.
The master bathroom has a large tub as well as a shower. The guest bathroom.
The bathroom in the master suite.
The guest bathroom.
There is a prettily enclosed open-topped outdoor shower. The smallest of the 3 bedrooms is now used as an office.
The outdoor shower.
The third bedroom is now an office.
A few blocks away, in the center of the village, is a fairly large gleaming white church. Each spring the village has a week-long fair dedicated to the powerful working oxen, whose owners display intricately painted carts.
A few blocks away this church, dedicated to the oxen and their drivers, marks the center of the village. Each spring there is a week-long fair in which the oxen parade, pulling cartloads of wood to be auctioned to support the church.
A working team of oxen used the paved highway to Tierras Morenas. A boy prepares to showcase his painted horse's gaits in the bullring.
A team of oxen, especially useful in difficult terrain, use the paved highway to the village.
A boy prepares to exhibit his painted horse's gaits in the bullring.
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