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Lake Arenal and Arenal Volano
The only CRGAR and NAR certified Realtor at Lake Arenal, Costa Rica
Price reduced to $550,000!
H190 Luxury professional horse property on 13+ acres - $2,200,000
For the accomplished and dedicated horse person, this 13+-acre hilltop property provides excellent facilities for a small number of horses and a luxury home, partly furnished, built for ultimate enjoyment of the beautiful setting while at the same time employing practical features that anticipate whatever the weather might do, though ordinarily the weather at Lake Arenal is semi-tropical and moderate, rarely falling to 60, even in December, and rarely surpassing the mid-80s, even in summer, good temperate weather very comfortable for both horses and humans.
Click here for photos of house interior. Click here for terrain photos.
From the horse exercise ring, this is a view of the house and lake.
In this view of the large home from the barn on the second knoll, sheltered areas of the well-planned structure are seen. There's a carport on the left, a small courtyard, the big-windowed office, and on the far right, a wonderful social or party room with second kitchen and built-in rotisserie BBQ.
The formidable entrance gate is at the top of a paved road that serves the 6-property decade-old well planned development. The single-story house has a wide footprint on its forest-backed site overlooking Lake Arenal.
The property is entered through a formidable gate at the end of a paved road that makes several curves upward through the beautiful 6-home gated community, thoughtfully developed a dozen years ago.
The large home is oriented to the Lake Arenal view with a house-wide patio behind which are, from right to left, the kitchen, living and dining rooms and master suite, all enjoying the wonderful vista.
The professional-grade horse-training facilities include this large training ring. The property contains substantial old-growth rain forest beyond which is much more government owned rain forest.
A horse-training ring, a barn and storage sheds occupy the second of the property's three lakeview knolls.
The landscaped areas extend to a large part of the property's rain forest, which has been left untouched as wildlife habitat.
A quebrada with a stream occupies part of the promerty between the house and a lake view promontary where there is a second entrance to the property. The second entrance ascends between the promontory and the quebrada.
Between the house knoll and the largest of the three knolls, seen here in the distance, is a quebrada (small valley) with a stream.
A second entrance curves uphill to the training ring and the third knoll, a large one which currently serves as pasture for the horses.
The excellent horse barn is on a knoll with the exercize ring. A view of Nuevo Arenal and the lake as seen from the home's wide patio.
The barn is a professional-grade structure planned by life-long horse trainers.
In front of the home, lovely landscaping is part of the view toward Nuevo Arenal and the lake.
Click here for photos of house interior. Click here for terrain photos
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