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Las Flores 3BR 3BA luxury home with pool and lake vista - $450,000
The Spanish Colonial home provides tropical living in comfort and style.

New residents of this home will enjoy spacious living in a home that has been remodeled with superior fittings and materials and lovingly maintained. In its 2,368 square feet, the home has three ensuite bedrooms, a large living room, superb kitchen, dining room, laundry room, and attached single-car garage. In addition there is a swimming pool and pool house on the nearly half-acre site. In this view, the dining room windows are at right, the living room in the center behind the wall of glass doors, and the master suite at left behind its own wide patio entrance. The home is located in the prestigious Las Flores gated community about three miles from the expat-centric town of Nuevo Arenal on the east side of Lake Arenal. Taking full advantage of the temperate climate and phenomenal flora of the region, the present owners have made the rest of the property as gorgeous and enjoyable as the home. Landscaped with lovely trees and exotic flowering plants, the site is is a bird-lover's constant joy, its flowers and feeders practically festooned with many varieties of colorful birds throughout the day.

The home has a beautiful lake view as demonstrated in this photo from beside the swimming pool.
Here is just part of the home's lake and mountain vista. Las Flores is a mature and successful gated community beautifully maintained. Many indigenous trees were preserved in the design of the community and homesites were placed so as to enhance privacy. Only one other home can be seen from this property. Las Flores borders the warm-watered lake.
There is an attached single-car garage.
The garage with its automatic door and the covered entrance enable an easy homecoming whatever the weather.
The driveway curves gracefully up from a paved road in Las Flores. A unique rain chain guides water from the roof gutter to an in-ground drain.
The driveway curves gracefully up from the community's paved roads.
The unique rain chain guides water from the roof gutter to an in-ground drain.
The in-ground pool with large pool house in colonial style.
At left are dining room windows. Beyond the pool is the detached poolhouse. At the time of these photos, the pool was empty for resurfacing.
The nearly half-acre property has many exotic plants lovingly tended. Feeders as well as flowering plants bring a amazing number of birds to the home, not just hummingbirds but a amny other colorful birds.
The many flowering plants as well as feeders attract a rich variety of colorful birds to further delight the eye.
The large living room has a full wall of glass doors opening to the broad covered patio.
The nearly wall-to-wall windows and doors of the living room are secured with graceful wrought-iron security screens. Through the archway to the left are the dining room and kitchen. The living room's glass wall enables a broad view of the tropical garden and the avian visitors.
An arched doorway leads from the living room to the bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry room, and front entrance. Another arched doorway leads to the kitchen and dining room.
An archway at left leads from the living room to the three bedroom suites, laundry, and main entrance. The archway at right leads to the kitchen and dining room. A Dish network satellite system provides high definition television throughout.
The beautiful open kitchen has custom cabinets, granite countertops and luxury applicances.
The present owners remodeled and upgraded the home with the finest materials, fixtures and appliances, combining grace with quality as they did so. Among the upgrades is a Kuna 5 reverse osmosis water filter connected to the ice maker and refrigerator. In not only the kitchen but also the bathrooms, the counter tops are granite. This view is from the dining room.
The dining room has large windows and access to the broad patio and pool. The dining room (and open kitchen) also have views to the lake.
Large glass doors lead from the dining room to the broad patio and pool. A westward-facing window gives diners a garden and lake view.
The master suite also opens to the patio.
The master suite is a comfortably spacious retreat in itself with not only a bathroom and walk-in closet but a cozy private lounge.
The master bedroom has a comfortable seating area as well as ensuite bathroom, walk-in closet, and extra cabinetry and shelving. The master suite through its large glass patio doors provides the terrific garden and lake views enjoyed from the rest of the property.
The master suite lounge.
The view of Santa Elena Island.
The master bathroom has, as do the other two bathrooms, unique bowls, hardware and cabinetry. The master shower.
Beauty and quality in the master bath.
The master bathroom shower.
On of the many colorful visitor looks toward the camera from his perch on a feeder. The owner carries outside a pair of honeycreepers that had entered the home.
One of many colorful daily visitors interrupts its feeding to look at the camera.
This pair of honeycreepers, male (left) and female, had entered the home.
The hallway leads from the front entrance past the bedrooms and laundry room to the living room, The laundry is in a fairly large separate room.
Hallway leads from main entry to living room.
The laundry is contained in a separate room.
The second ensuite bedroom has beautiful closet wall and built-in entertainment center. The third bedroom.
The second bedroom is a second master suite with extra room and a large bathroom with separate shower and bathtub.
The third bedroom, near the main entry, has a bathroom which also opens to the hallway. The home has B&B possibilities.
The second bedroom suite's bathroom has, like the rest of the home, elegant, high-quality fittings and materials. The second bathroom's bathtub.
The second bedroom's bathroom has a bathtub as well as a separate shower.
Las Flores is a mature development bordering the lake. Besides the well maintained general landscaping, it has retained many indigenous trees, which provide privacy as well as beauty.
Imagine living here in a temperate climate without extremes of heat and cold, though this home has a Lenox energy efficient whole house air conditioner, dehumidifier, heater.
A pair of aricaris enjoy a plantain.
Two aracaris relish beakfuls of plantain in front of the home.
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A visiting toucan.
A visiting toucan sounds off with its rasping call.
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