Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
H52 Fine property for home and/or campground enterprise - $305,000
Lakeview property with stream, forest now offered at $280,000
This 1 1/4-acre property has several options to accomodate buyers with various plans. At this point it is a lakeview home with camping areas and facilities. Located about 15 minutes or less from Tilaran on the lakeside paved highway, it has a campground sign on the highway at the bottom of its 100-yard driveway. It can be said that there are four areas to the property, the small lower camping area and rancho, the mid-level 1BR 1BA open-plan home, and the rental cabin uppermost, the fourth area a partly forested quebrada (gully) with a stream running along the west side. One could continue the combination home/campground operation or simply drop the campground business, and/or use the present home temporarily while building a larger home. This was the original intention of the owner/builder. There is a well on the property from which water is pumped to a water storage tower, a very nice arrangement. The cabin at the uppermost level has a large bedroom and partial kitchen and also a large bathroom. There also is a small pig barn in the quebrada (gully) out of view of the house. There are a few fruit trees and much indigenous growth on the property.
The sloping property has nice lake views from several areas. The 1 BR 1BA house is bright and comfortable with quality fittings.
There are lake views from the three levels of the property.
The comfortable and airy 1BR 1BA house is in the middle level.
This is an open area below the house available for camping. Above the lower camping area is this rancho with ovens, furniture and separate toilet and shower rooms.
The lowest part of the property is a pretty camping area at present.
The rancho provides shelter a bathroom, and furniture for campers, a big oven in which the owner smokes meat and a smaller oven.
The rancho contains a toilet and shower for campers. On one side of the property is a forested gully with a stream.
The rancho has a bathroom and shower.
The property has a quebrada with stream.
The Tejona hills rise beyond the property's woods. A rental cabin and open campling area sit above the house.
The La Tejona hills continue above the property.
At the upper level there is a rental cabin and additional camping space.
There are nice vistas from the cabin and yard. The water tower is filled from the well. Water from the well beside the house is pumped to the tower.
The lake from the cabin. The cabin has a large bathroom, bedroom, and a partial kitchen.
A water tower is filled from this well with pump beside the house.
There's one separate bedroom in the house. A small loft bedroom is over the living room.
There is one large bedroom in the house.
There's a sleeping loft above the living room.
There's a single large bathroom and large hotwater tank in the house but other bathrooms in the rancho and cabin. The kitchen is part of the living room, dining room open area with lake and territorial views.
The bathroom is large and modern and has a 40-gallon hot water tank.
The kitchen is included with the living room and dining area in the open plan.
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