Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
Now just $160,000 - an extraordinary buy
Price reduced to $220,000 for this many-featured property
H79 Large new furnished 2-story home with 2 cabinas on 4.5 acres - $290,000
This property has wonderful green ecological features in addition to its main attributes of view and size and newness. It is being used by owners in San Jose as a vacation home and sort of gentleman's farm, but they are now too busy to spend much time here nor to finish the balcony off the second-story master bedroom. Besides the 360-degree vistas, including a great view of Tilaran and the Guanacaste lowlands, it has nearly an acre of old-growth forest often visited by white-faced as well as howler monkeys. The house and cabinas need some attention, but a permanent dweller could coninue what these owners have accomplished and make this a really magical place. Though it overlooks the western foothills, it is only about 15 minutes from Lake Arenal, and so the owners not only ride their horses (Update: there is now just one horse) and tend their gardens but also windsurf and jet ski. The 2315-square-foot open-plan house, built in 2005-2006, is being sold furnished, a special feature being the fine kitchen cabinetry. The two cabinas are each 269 square feet. The 4.5 acres has indigenous forest, pasture, orchards, farm areas, and new trees and other plants in great profusion. There are two horses, which are included in the offering. The house is located near the village of Parcelas de Quebrada Azul on the sunset-view coastal side of the Tilaran hills that border the lake. It is about 20 minutes from Tilaran and also 25 minutes from the Interamerican Highway at Cañas.
The home has great western views including the town of Tilaran.
The home has 360-degree views, including this view of Tilaran, which in reality appears far closer. On the property itself are substantial old-growth forest, many mature fruit trees, various small crops, and dozens of new trees and other plants.
The entrance lane leads to the hilltop home.
The 1 1/2-story house has wide views in all directions.
A balcony remains undone on the second floor master bedroom/bath.
The entry lane leads past a grove of indigenous and fruit trees to the house on a low hilltop.
There's a very large open-plan interior. The large kitchen is of luxury quality.
The open-plan interior.
Our fuzzy view of the luxury kitchen.
The 2 widely spacd cabins are near the forest. Beyond the two horses, which are included in the price stands the acre of old growth forest.
Two sturdy cabins are now being used for a caretaker and for watersports storage.
Beyond the horses is old-growth forest. The farm is rich with productive black earth.
The thick old-growth forest is home to capuchin as well as howler monkeys. a trail leads past a massive unique tree.
The acre of old-growth forest is frequently visited by capuchin as well as howler monkeys.
Several trails lead through the forest, a wonderful feature of this captivating property.
A banana grove occupies a black-earthed corner of the acreage. Children play on a broad lawn in one of the property's many sectioned areas.
A productive banana grove occupies a section of the black-earthed acreage.
Children play on the broad lawns surrounding the house.
A toddler rides on her father's shoulders as they pass purple cow grass and an area planted with many new trees and bushes. The winding secondary road leads to Parceles and Tilarn in one direction, to Los Angeles and Canas and Liberia in the other.
A toddler rides on her father's shoulders as they head past purple cow grass and many newly planted trees to the forest trails.
The winding secondary road leads to Parceles and Tilaran in one direction, to Los Angeles and Canas and Liberia in the other.
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