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L114 Landscaped 2.4-acre lot near Invenio University - $120,000
Approximately halfway betwen the Interamerican Highway at Canas and the mountain town of Tilaran, this large, almost completely level lot conveniently borders the paved highway to Tilaran. West of it a few hundred yards is the entrance to the science and technology insitution, Invenio. The climate here is considerably warmer and dryer than the climate at Lake Arenal but cooler than the hot lowland climate of Canas and Liberia. The owner has bordered the lot with an attractive hedge trimmed to about three feet in height. Indigenous trees fill most of the lot, but there are also open areas ready for construction. The size of the lot is a hair over 10,000 square meters.
The lot combines large wooded areas and meadows. The trees are well spaced.
Thick, low hedges surround the lot. Another view of the nicely formed hedges.
Utilities are nearby for this very attractive lot, which has both residential and commercial potential.
The Invenior campus is to the left of the Google Earth image, Lot 114 marked with a yellow pin at right.
The campus for Invenio, a science and technology insitute, is at upper left. L0t 114 is marked with a yellow pin at far right. Tilaran is about 8 miles further on to the right. The pretty ranching village of Los Angeles is about a mile to the right (east).
The lot fronts the Canas/Tilaran highway and has a secondary road on the west side.
The hedges can be seen bordering the the 2.4-acre lot.
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