Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
Price on this large lakeview lot reduced to $35,000 (Aug, 2010)
Driveway, building pad dozed, November, 2009
L51 1 acre, half forested, with lake and mountain vistas - $55,000
The owner has just prepared a fine building site in the middle of this hillside property, adding value and ease of construction for a new owner. This lot, sloping upward from the lake highway into dense woods, is located just before the Cinco Esquinas intersection of the northern and southern lake highways and thus has a partial view of Lake Arenal and very wide and distant territorial views. It is located within 3 miles of Tilaran. There's a partial view of Arenal Volcano as well as the lake and mountain views. The upper half of the lot is forested with huge trees and varied undergrowth and thus attracts much wildlife. Level areas within the forest could be partially cleared of undergrowth to create wonderful spots in which to enjoy the tropical ambiance.
The mostly pastured lot slopes upward from the highway fence into the thick woods. The newly made building site can accomodate a very large house.
The lot, part pasture and part woods, slopes above the highway before Lake Arenal.
The owner has prepared a very wide building site halfway up the lot nearly to the thick forest.
A driveway now curves up from the lake highway to the building site. The new building pad sits below the forest that covers the upper half of the lot.
A wide, not-too-steep driveway now leads up to the building pad from the lake highway.
From the forest edge, this view looks over the building site to the countryside.
To the east there are views of Lake Arenal and Arenal Volcano. Above the building pad, a forest fills the upper half of the lot.
Lake Arenal can be seen here.
The upper half is densely forested.
The upper half of the lot is a thick forest with huge trees and some level areas
The mature forest has impressive trees.
The forest has a beautful canopy.
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