Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
L59 3/10-acre lot at gated community marina - $110,000
For the serious boater, kayaker, fisherperson, or windsurfer, this lot is a great opportunity to indulge your passion. One of the three lots closest to the water in this 40-lot gated community, it's only about 60 yards from the water's edge and about 150 yards from the floating dock. This major community was established 3 years ago and is bound to get going again once the North American economy recovers. Several homes have been built but the clubhouse, swimming pool, boutique hotel and other facilities have not been done yet. It's located on the north side of Lake Arenal just west of the community of Aguacate and is about 10-12 minutes from Nuevo Arenal, about 20-25 from Tilaran.
This property borders the restricted 50-meter zone that surrounds the lake. Upon application, ICE may allow the owner of this property to establish a path through the zone to the water where a floating dock and small building may be installed. There is of course the marina dock within 400 yards of this lot, but an owner might like also to have a short path directly to the water from his own lot.
The marina has a floating dock in a protected cove of Lake Arenal. The marina office is less than 100 yards from the lot.
The gated commun ity has this floating dock at the entrance to a nice cove.
100 yards uphill from the dock is the marina office. The lot is another 100 yards to the right.
The bot storage lot is between the office and the lot. Lots 2, 3, and 4, are seen here from the end of the boat storage area.
This is the dry storage yard for residents' boats and trailers. Past the storage yard is this section of 3 lots next to the 50-meter mostly forested setback that rings the lake. The lot includes the trees in the middle of this expanse.
Lot 3 has in front of it the forested 50-meter setback from the lake. The 50-meter zone is heavily wooded and so would have to be cleared of underbrush to open the view of the cove.
The 3/10-acre lot starts well above this sign and extends to the forest.
On the other side of this 50-meter-thick forest is the cove.
Immediately about the lot is this new home. Lake Arenal is a huge lake, home to boating, fishing, kayaking and world-class windsurfing and kite-surfing.
Above this lot is a new house on Lot 5.
Arenal's a fine surfing, boating and fishing lake.
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