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Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
Owner says bring cash for a super reduction
L62 2 prime lots with multi-volcano views, $40 per square meter, negotiable
1 1/4-acre lot $204,620. 2 1/2-acre lot $423,580
Lake Arenal, San Luis Cove, and Arenal Volcano are wonderful sights from these lots.
Arenal Volcano is a fantastic sight from these lots on pretty terrain above San Luis. The famous active volcano you see looking to the south. Look to the north and you can see two more impressive volcanos, Tenorio and Miravalles, and maybe even a third, Rincon de la Vieja, all dormant but providing thermal springs, hot mud, fumeroles, and, in the case of Miravalles, thermal energy. Immediately below the lots is the village of San Luis, and just beyond it, lovely, protected San Luis Cove, where there is a marina. There are views of miles of Lake Arenal, the town of Nuevo Arenal across the lake, and the village of Aguacate.The rolling, partly forested terrain provides a nice variety of choices for anyone interested in finding a large lot on which to build a home with wonderful vistas and temperate weather. Tilaran is less than 10 minutes away, the Liberia airport little more than an hour.
Across the northern end of the lake, the dormant Volcan Tenorio is an impressive sight. This shot combines the northern flank of Tenorio with the southern flank of another dormant volcano, Miravalles, notable for the production of thermal energy.
Tenorio Volcano is to the northeast.
Farther north is Miravalles Volcano.
Arenal Volcano, at the southern end of the lake, is an impressive sight from the 2 lots. Below the lots are the village of San Luis, San Luis Cove - site of a small marina - and Lake Arenal, with Santa Elena Island prominent in its position on the other side of the lake.
The volcano and changing sky are fascinating.
San Luis village and the protected cove.
The lots are located in a complex hillside terrain that combines intermittant forest and pasture areas. The lots are accessed from this country lane that rises from the village of San Luis to join another road on the hilltop. It's a second route to Tilaran.
Though the village is close, the surrounding terrain is beautifully rural, alternating stands of forest with former pasture.
The road passing the lots is not the main paved road to Tilaran but a secondary road from San Luis that gives a second route to the town.
A tree on a pretty building site graces the view over the village of San LUis to Lake Arenal. This very buildable lot has, typical of this former finca, beautiful views of the lake and surrounding area.
There arescattered trees on the lots which grace the wonderful views and can be a part of future landscaping.
On the hilltop above the lots is a 3-story mansion. Here's another view of the general terrain where the lots are with Arenal Volcano in the distance.
A 3-story home on the hilltop has fantastic views but the lots' views are terrific, too.
This view of the volcano includes part of the village of Tronadora.
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