Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
L71 Fabulous views on 1 acre on warmer western slope - $60,000, negotiable
Blessed with breath-taking vistas to the Gulf of Nicoya and 7 volcanos, this inspiring lot is on the western slope of the mountains that border Lake Arenal and so has a slightly warmer aand dryer climate than do the areas around the lake itself. .
The hillside lot has fantastic vistas that reach to the Gulf of Nicoya and the coastal mountains.
This sloping lot with fruit and native trees and several building sites is surrounded by hundreds of square miles of beautiful rolling hills with a pleasing variety of pasture, forest, and mountain vistas. Regarding this vast territory, we can apply the saying, "You don't own it, but you don't have to mow it, either." Located about 15 minutes from Tilaran just off the road to Monteverde, the property has dramatic sweeping views of the hills and valleys descending to the Guanacaste lowlands and the Gulf of Nicoya. Beautiful sunsets often color the complex geographical tapestry. Electrical and water lines already reach the property, and it has its own well. This beautiful building site is located near the farming village of La Chiripa. Continue down the La Chiripa road and you soon reach the riverside and lakeside village of Rio Chiquito, the transfer point for boats carrying tourists from the Lake Arenal dam to meet with the tour vans from Monteverde Cloud Forest. The beauty of this whole region is unending. This property puts you right in the middle of it at a price that is quite reasonable given the beautiful vistas and the readiness for construction of a home that take full advantage of the location.
There are already promising building sites among the scattered fruit and native trees. The large lot borders the scenic road from Tilaran to Rio Chiquito on Lake Arenal.
The Google Earth image at right shows the acre lot with the yellow pin at the upper end of the lot at approximately where the photo at left is taken from. The photo looks down the slope through the scattered fruit and indigenous trees toward the road coming up from Tilaran and the village of Quebrada Grande on the way to Lake Arenal at Rio Chiquito.
Toward the south liie the famous Monteverde Mountains and the Cloud Forest. To the northwest, a neighbor roof is barely visible and Tilaran hides in the hills about 15 minutes away.
The left photo reaches toward the Monteverde Cloud Forest while the phot at right tries to unveil the hiding places of the village of Quebrada Grande (5 or 6 minutes away) and the fine commercial/governmental center, Tilaran, about 15 minutes away.
The acre lot marked by the yellow pin at far right, is 5 or 6 minutes from the village of Quebrada Grande. Quebrada Tilaran is about 10-15 minutes from Tilaran, the county seat.
The village of Quebrada Grande, seen at the left here, is less than 15 minutes from Tilaran. The acre lot L71, at far right, is on the road to Rio Chiquito and Lake Arenal. The other road at the fork in the center of the Google Earth image leads to the Monteverde Cloud Forest.
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