Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
L79 2.3 acres with spring, river border, volcano and lake views - $149,000
Here is land where one can set to work with great enthusiam in making your personal paradise. It's land with diverse features, fascinating contours, a pleasing combination of pasture, hill, water, building sites and vistas. Its eastern border is on the paved Lake Arenal Highway just 3 miles from the town Nuevo Arenal, but the highway is screened from view in most of the acreage. In nearly the center of the lot, a year-round spring brings to the surface pure water which flows to a stream on the southern boundary. The current owner intended to make a pond there but has decided it would be best to let a new owner make a pond or swimming pool of his or her own design. The winding interior road, serviceable now but for the purposely screened entrance, provides unobtrusive access to the whole acreage, including the perfect hilltop buiding site in the northwest corner. Other family members have neighboring acreage which may also be considered. (We will have better lake and volcano photos soon.)
The large lot has interesting contours, a spring, a bordering river, and lake and volcano views.
In this view from the lot, the hill at left is Santa Elena Island, which is across a narrow channel from the shore below this property.
The lot borders the lake highway from which it is screened from vegetation as is the road that runs through the lot. A currently unused road curves through the property past the spring to the hilltop in the northwest corner.
Beside the highway about 3 miles from Nuevo Arenal, the the property's road is purposely blocked by vegtation.
The road winds through the property, here passing around the depression where a year-round spring provides pure water.
A year-round spring makes a small pool as it flows to the bordering river. On the south boundary a forested stream flows to Lake Arenal.
The spring makes a small pool before flowing on to a bordering stream.
Along the southern boundary, a forested stream flows to the lake.
The curving internal road climbs to a hilltop in the northwest corner of the lot. The easily accessed hilltop is a perfect place to build a house with great lake and volcano views.
The curving road takes one through scattered woods and many buildable sites.
The road climbs easily to a great hilltop buildin site in the northwest corner.
The neighboring land to the west slopes down to Lake Arenal in front of Santa Elena Island. Looking back east from the hilltop building site, one can see several upscale homes on the bluff across the lake highway.
Through the trees can be seen the channel between the lake shore and Santa Elena Island.
Looking back to the east from the hilltop, several very nice houses can be seen on the bluff on the other side of the lake highway.
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