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Lake Arenal and Arenal Volano
The only CRGAR and NAR certified Realtor at Lake Arenal, Costa Rica
R34 2BR 1BA westside Lake Arenal rental - $450/mo
While conveniently located right alongside the paved road to the village of Tronadora, this small home, remodeled by Alaskans as a vacation home, has a pleasant garden setting with many exotic plants, indigenous trees, and some fruit trees. A neighboring vacation home, also for rent at the same price, shares with it a large garden area which is shielded from the road by a tall hedge. The location is particularly convenient for those who do not care to rent a car while in Costa Rica. The public bus service to Tilaran passes in front of the house, providing cheap transporation for the 15-minute trip to town. It's a short walk from here to the Puerto San Luis Lodge and Yacht Club where there is marina with a grassy cove-side park and access to swimming. There are two restaurants in San Luis and also two small groceries while Tilaran has supermarkets, banks, doctors, restaurants and many stores. There is an additional $50 per month charge for each person beyond two.
The house as seen from the lake highway to Tronadora. View into the garden between the two rental houses.
The house as seen from the paved road.
A wide garden separates R34 and R35.
The main living area with kitchen at back. The kitchen with door to patio.
The living room with kitchen beyond.
The modernized kitchen.
The dining area. The bedroom with double bed.
The dining area.
The main bedroom.
The bedroom with twin beds.  
The second bedroom.
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