Los Angeles Properties
The village of Los Angeles, a ranching center, lies on the western slopes midway between Tilaran and Canas on the Interamerican Highway. Above Los Angeles the pastured and forested hills climb toward the Lake Arenal mountains.
Los Angeles and view toward lowlands.
Opposite view to Lake Arenal mountains.
Los Angeles is a small ranching center halfway between Canas, on the Interamerican Highway, and Tilaran, the commercial center of the Lake Arenal region, about 15 minutes from each. It has beautiful views over the Guanacaste lowlands that lead over the Rio Tempisque basin to the Pacific Coast. It is thus less hot than the lowlands but has less rain than do the hills around Lake Arenal. There are of course broad pastures covering much of the lovely hills, but many patches of forest decorate the hills and the area is rich with bird life. Pretty streams with forested banks also attract wildlife. As with all locations, more properties - particularly acreage in the form of fincas or farms - are available than we have listed here, and we can help you locate what you want.
A112 7.4 acres with stream, spring, vistas on newly paved road - $130,000
A105 26-acre finca with great vista, $300,000 or buy part.
H43 Fairly secluded 2BR cottage on nearly 1/2-acre with stream and woods - $51,000. SOLD
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