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Parcelas de Monseñor
Monseñor is a tiny village located fairly high in the hills overlooking Tilaran, the foothills, and the Guanacaste lowlands. It is on the other side of the high range of hills from the lakside villages of Tronadora and San Luis. The views can be spectacular here, going past Tilaran to the dormant volcanos to the north of the lake and, more closely, the lines of wind turbines on the hilltops at the northwestern end of the lake. It is also possible to see the Tempisque River Basin and the Gulf of Nicoya when cooler temperatures take some of the reflective moisture from the air. The colorful sunsets are another reason to love this area. There are rarely houses for sale in this underdeveloped area, but acreage with forest, pasture, and stream is available and there's a development planned on the hills between Tilaran and Monseñor. We will put photos of the village area on this page soon.
The village of Monsenor as seen from above. The ranch-patterned hills continue far to the southwest.
High in the hills, the village has views of Tilaran, lines of wind turbines on the distant hilltops and several dormant volcanos.
The complex hills descend steeply into deep valleys harboring forest-sheltered quebradas or streams.
Three norther volcanos can be seen from Monsenor.
Right to left are the volcanos Tenorio, Miravalles, and Rincon de La Vieja
Hilltop Tilaran sits below Monsenor. The mountains descend westward toward the coastal lowlands.
The hilltop town of Tilaran lies belowMonseñor about 5 minutes away.
The hills full of forest and pasture go on for many miles to the southwest.
The church in Monsenor. A street uphill from the church.
Most of the small village is sheltered between two ridges high in the hills above Tilaran.
L94 Two ridges south of Monsenor is Lomas de Encanto with 13 western-view lots.
A61 2 1/4 acres with building sites, 100 fruit trees , volcano and sunset views - $68,000
A56 7.3 acres next to 72-acre forest reserve. Water and electricity. Views. $295,000
H73 Nice little 3BR 1BA home with apartment and territorial views - $28,600.
A54 4.7 acres with fruit trees, building sites, river, views past Tilaran - $99,500.
Development in beginning stages with 41 lots will be shown when we know more about it.
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