Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
H73 Monseñor 3BR 1BA house with apartment, view - $28,600
In a pleasant little mountain village overlooking Tilaran, which is 6 or 7 minutes away, this is a sturdy and attractive small home, which, typically, has a lot of small rooms. It's a good candidate for remodeling into larger spaces. It's right next to the community center, so, if you like to mingle and meet your fellow residents, this is handy. Sometimes, however, the center has events which may be noisy, and so this may not be the home for those who want quiet 7/24. This is our first house listing in Monseñor, a village we just recently became aware of. We recommend it since it's a really nice area close to Tilaran. We do have some lots and acreage available at Monseñor in case you'd like to consider building your own perfect home from scratch. Click here for information about the village.
The home is attractive from the street. The porch is a nice place to relax and look at the mountain views.
The house is neat and well-maintained.
The view will be fine from the nice porch.
The living room. One of the 2 kitchens.
The living room.
One of the two kitchens.
One of the 3 bedrooms in the main home. The apartment kitchen.
One of the four bedrooms.
The other kitchen.
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