Rio Chiquito properties
Rio Chiquito marks the end of the readily accessible lake shore on the south side of Lake Arenal. From there until the slightly larger Rio Cano Negro, a distance of about 10 miles, a rough, often steep road twists through hilly lake-edge terrain with wonderful lake, volcano and territorial view appreciated only by the few ranchers living on this quarter of the lake. During the "dry" season, usually November into April, the two rivers subside enough to allow fording for the more rugged vehicles, though the Rio Cano may not become fordable at all before the "green" or rainy season hits again. The bridge on the Rio Chiquito looks so rickety that drivers prefer to try fording the river until they think that method too risky. But Rio Chiquito itself is a beautiful place to visit.
The river, Rio Chiquito, empties into Lake Arenal a 20-minute boat trip from the dam The Rio Chiquito region has great views of the Arenal Volcano and the southeastern third of Lake Arenal.
The Rio Chiquito enters Lake Arenal about 10 miles from the dam at the eastern end.
Here clouds partially cover the wonderful Arenal Volcano views from this area.
Rio Chiquito is a small village named of course after the pretty Rio Chiquito, which flows down the spectacular and beautiful valley from the very high hilltops where runs the road between Tilaran and Monteverde. Rio Chiquito is noteable now as the transfer point on the tours between the Arenal Volcano hotels and the Monteverde Cloud Forrest. Vans bring tourists from hotels to the dam, the tourists scramble down the banks to the surrey-covered launches, the launches motor up the lake to land on the shore near Rio Chiquito, and there the tourists transfer to vans for the bumpy ride - very steep at the beginning - to Santa Elena and Monteverde. It's a very popular tour between these top tourism destinations, and this is also a uniquely beautiful area where some persons are planning very large gated communities. There are two ways to get to Rio Chiquito from Tilaran, one the high road through the alpine village of El Silencio and the other the lakeside road through Tronadora. Either way takes less than an hour. The lake road is supposed to go on to the foot of the volcano and then join the paved northside road into La Fortuna. However, the Rio Chiquito and the more formidable Rio Cano Negro near El Castillo have long blocked southside traffic except in the dry seasons. There is now, however, some discussion among entrepreneurs at either end of the orphan section about providing adequate bridges for year-round travel. Thus, all the various property possibilities are foretold here - commercial opportunities, lots, homesites, gated communities, condos, and acreage for secluded domicile or for development.
A75 Fine ecological property: 173-acre ranch with about 40 waterfalls, 2 houses - $800,000

A74 242-acre ranch with 2 houses, own fishing lake, volcano view - $1,200,000

A39 25 acres on the Rio Tigra, an exciting property for the adventurous - $300,000
A12 16 acres with buildings, including cantina - Make offer
We can help you find other properties in this beautiful area.
The southern lake road bridges the Rio Chiquito, though the unbridged Rio Cano Negro 10 miles farther prevents travel all the way to the volcano except during the dry season. Rio Chiquito is located in a beautiful steep valley and includes a road that leads to the Monteverde Cloud Forest.
This bridge on the Rio Chiquito allows the southern lake road to go almost all the way to the Arenal Volcano, except when the dry season lowers the Rio Cano Negro.
The Rio Chiquito runs down from a spectacularly beautiful steep valley which also includes a road leading to the Monteverde Cloud Forest as well as Tilaran.
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