Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale
A39 25 acres at Rio Chiquito on the Rio Tigra, $6 per square meter, negotiable
In fantastic region, this property now $3/meter for total of $300,000
It may take a special person to enjoy this challenging yet lovely property, someone who likes an arduous climb or tubing on a small swift river such as this one which would flow right past your house. The Rio Tigra - or Tiger River - flows down a steep valley from the Monteverde Cloud Forest region, and, a mile or so below this acreage, joins the Rio Chiquito just before that river flows into Lake Arenal. It is not far beyond this junction of the two rivers that covered launches nose up to the bank as they help carry tourists back and forth between the volcano hotels and Monteverde. For the adventurous, fit, and creative, this is a fun property, currently partly planted in corn on the west side of the Rio Tigra while well-balanced cattle graze on the steep hillside on the east side of the river. There's a bit of a plateau near the top of the hillside where one could relax and enjoy the lake and mountain views. Above that, a forest crowns the hilltop. At the bottom of the hillside on the east side of the river is a great spot to build a home though you'd have to do a bit of bridgework to reach it with your vehicles. At $6 a square meter, this property is priced far below the usual rates, and the owners will consider any reasonable offer. At around 100,000 square meters, your climbing, tubing, and just plain enjoying this beautiful region, will be, at about $300,000, a considerable investment though just half of the original asking price. Make offer.
This property has some lowland farmland, a small river, and a steep mountainside with forest at the top. The is the quite strong small river in spectacular terrain, the Rio Tigra.
Next to the road is a gentle slope planted in corn. On the other side of the river, pastures rise steeply to a forested hilltop.
The Rio Tigra races through the property on its way to join the Rio Chiquito just before it meets Lake Arena where the tourist launches dock.l.
Here's lowland pasture on the far side of the river. The mountainside with the forest on the top.
Across the river is another gentle slope at the base of the hill.
The 12 acres includes the forested area at the top of the pastured hill.
The road in from Rio Chiquito is a country treasure. A nice view of the Rio Tigra in the valley a little upriver from the property.
The shady road from Rio Chiquito.
The pretty Rio Tigra above the property.
Not far away, the Rio Chiquito reaches Lake Arenal. The Arenal Volcano is the major attraction of this region.
The Rio Tigra joins the Rio Chiquito, which, as you see on the left, flows into Lake Arenal. The view of Arenal Volcano is the outstanding feature of the general region, though this property above is a couple of miles away from this spot. Someone climbing to the top of this property's hill might have a view of the volcano, but we don't know since we haven't tried the climb nor talked to anyone who has. Anyone who makes a habit of climbing to the hilltop forest will soon be in Olympic shape. You could call it a very healthy property.
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