Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, real estate for sale

The most significant
development has been a signed contract for the sale of
'carbon credits' (CO2 sequestered in the canopy and biomass
of the forest). The contract, with ACIAR in San Jose, will
pay $110.00/hectare per year for five years. This will be
considerable income from conservation of the forest. We have
had engineers' inspections, and expect certification this month.
The program is being operated through Earth College.

La Florida is in very good condition. We rebuilt the dock last
year, and re-roofed two of the cabins. The Lodge is also in

There are several interested client-groups at this time. We
currently have an offer of $5,500,000. USD. However, this is
a verbal offer. The lowest price we will consider is $5M. I
will be glad to supply any additional info, if your client
shows further interest. We're also available to show the

Finca Florida now has ocean as well as river beachfront and much tourism
Owner's Finca Florida update
First, we have marketing for the tourist business going out on the Pacific, to Corcovado, whale watching, sport fishing, etc.. AND, we now have 3.5 hectars of land and 250 meters. of ocean beach right across the Rio Sierpe, a 10-minute boat ride to the beach at Isla Violin. We have a nice kayak tour that leaves from our dock, takes lunch at the beach, and returns by kayak through the mangroves. (November, 2010)
Isla Violin Ocean Beach
The lodge now has use of 250 meters of ocean beach on Violin Island.
Finca Florida on the cover
Hemmingway Inn's magazine cover featured the Finca Florida on its most recent cover.
Now considering offers above $6,300,000!
B25 Ecological marvel Finca Florida has 2239 acres, lodge - $15,000,000
In the photo below, the Rio Sierpe divides the north edge of the Osa Peninsula from Violin Island. The river flows from left to right - east to west - in this photo. Barely visible on the far side - the Osa Peninsula side - of the river is the lodge and part of the 2239 acres comprising the Finca la Florida, which has not only river but also ocean views. The finca is reached both by boat and road. Airports are located to the east near Sierpe and to the west near Drake Bay, a location famous for its whale-watching, fishing, and scuba-diving. An international airport is still planned for this region and construction is supposed to be imminent.
Finca Florida is a property of over 900 hectares located on the Rio Sierpe at the north side of the Osa Peninsula.

This majestic finca has about 4 miles of river frontage, 2,000 acres of grand old-growth rain forest, and resident wildlife like jaguars and macaws, three kinds of monkey and wild boar. The property reaches an elevation of 420 meters, with cool breezes and views out over the ocean. The total size of the property is 2239 acres, about 906 hectares.

The property divides naturally into three areas for future development - approximately 1235 acres (500 hectares) for timber harvest and forest management; 75 acres (30 hectares) for the tourist lodge, research station, cabins, open field building sites and forest trails;  and 925 acres (375 hectares) for low density, sophisticated residences.

The current owner has planned for the lodge to serve as a center for naturalist studies. Income from tourism will help to support local resource management and planning, including the development of human resources, which, he says, is sadly lacking in rural Costa Rica. He is beginning with vocational training in woodworking.
The research opportunities on La Florida are very diverse. This property, which has not been logged for 40 years, is home to a large variety of native flora and fauna. The ecosystems, from the mangroves to the high forest, have not been disturbed by human activity for these many years. The lodge has hosted Masters thesis candidates and undergraduate classes, and will continue to do so. Education here, says the owner, is a key to ecological survival in cooperation with local human communities.

Finca Florida has a lodge and dock on the southern side of the Rio Sierpe nt far from the ocean.
The huge forested finca abounds with wildlife uch as these white-faced monkeys.
Thickly forested hills rise up from Finca Florida.
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