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B25c Finca Florida aerial views

According to the current owner, the native forest resources, if managed correctly, can produce timber for lumber production and woods for fine craftsmanship. The purposes of harvesting timber on La Florida are 1) to demonstrate correct forest management to MINAE and the scientific community; 2) to provide cost effective wood resources for woodworking and construction at La Florida; and 3) to engage the local community for employment and vocational education using naturally renewable resources.

The owner engaged a forestry engineer to provide a management plan for Finca La Florida. This plan proposes extraction of 6,900 cubic meters, or almost 3,000,000 board feet, of 47 species of valuable hardwoods. The wood will be harvested carefully to avoid soil erosion, endangering rare species by over-harvesting, and to protect areas of forest that are more fragile.

Finca La Florida has potential for residential development. The Municipality of Osa has built over twenty kilometers of public road from Sierpe to the little town of Sabalo on Finca Florida's eastern border. Road construction will continue through La Florida to Drake Bay, where there is a local airport. The road is scheduled to be completed within two years.

This view shows the dock, main building, cabins and preparations for more cabins.
Thickly forested hills rise up from Finca Florida.
The lodge area will be only 3% of the total.
10 kilometers downstream, ocean waves break against the river current.
The Rio Sierpe meets the Pacific Ocean.
The entire western slope of the property, and the ridge that rises from the river to the south – about 350 Has. – provides splendid views of the ocean, and will be serviced by the public road, and by existing roadways on the property. When the main road is built, ICE, the Costa Rican Electric Company, will install electric power through La Florida.
The current owner's plans intentions are to build high-end residences on wooded parcels of about 7.5 acres. This lo-density development will hold the natural beauty and biodiversity of the area. Two rivers with headwaters on the property supply adequate high-quality water for development.
Violin Isand is a natural and protected wonderland. Beaches and reefs lie on the wet side of Violin Island.
Two views of Violin Island from the ocean side. This ecological wonderland is across the Rio Sierpe from Finca Florida and is to be designated a Biologic Humanity Reserve.
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