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B25b Wildlife of the forest and ocean
The Osa Peninsula has been called by National Geographic the most biologically intensive place on earth. Finca Florida certainly partakes of this intense diversity with its huge forested area at the top of the peninsula. What's more, its riverine location and its proximity to the biologically rich ocean waters of the Bahia de Corcovado add many more shorebirds, ocean mammals, and fish to the list of creatures a resident or visitor will see here. The huge ecological finca is a great starting point for diving, sport fishing, swimming, horseback riding, jungle trips, kayaking, porpoise and whale-viewing sportfishing, rainforest hikes, horseback riding, and trips to ocean beaches. As the number of tourists increase along the river, there are plans to build several more cabins and tent platforms to increase ther accommodations.
Dolphins are numerous in the ocean water not far from the Finca Florida. Diving tours, including tours from the Finca Florida, reward divers with views of rich underwater life, including these whales.
The waters of the Bahia de Corcovado, Drake Bay, and the Isla de Cano are famous for their marine life and draw thousands of tourists and sportsmen each year.
A Quetzal, the fabulous rarely seen bird outside of the Osa Peninsula, poses for a rare close-up.
The same Quetzal cooperates for another close-up.
Resplendent Quetzal
"The most spectacular bird of the New World" is
still found on the Osa Peninsula.
This Quetzal remained for many photos by Finca Florida's owner.
A toucan is one of hundreds of bird varieties in the forest and shoreline areas.

A rescued baby tapir has grown to a semi-domesticated adult who likes to visit the lodge.

Chestnut-billed toucans are among hundreds of bird species in the thick forests
This tapir, rescued when young, stills hangs around. The tapir is an endangered species.
Innumberable butterflies of many varieties inhabit the Osa.

The Osa Peninsula is a haven of survival for endangered frog species.

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