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Lake Arenal and Arenal Volano
The only CRGAR and NAR certified Realtor at Lake Arenal, Costa Rica
214b Upstairs has 2 sleeping areas, lounge/computer room, and 2 decks
The upstairs is a large, single-room loft with a raised built-in platform for a queen-sized bed, a wood-framed bed nook for a full mattress, a walk-in closet, and 8’x 25’ back and front covered balconies. Opening onto the front of the house upstairs and downstairs are broad, hand-made wooden double doors that open onto views of the front yard, lake, and mountains beyond.
The main sleeping area is a large straw-bale platform with built-in drawers. Opposite the main bed is a sleeping nook especially suitable for a child.
The master bed platform and the bed nook are across from each other. Between them is the wall that opens to the second floor's eastern deck.
The spiral staircase at second level. Wide doors at the west end open to the deck and the lake view. Another deck is at the east end of the second floor.
The spiral staircase from above. A low wall around it on the second floor is a safety feature.
The west balcony has lake views far to the north and south and to the villages across the lake.
The upstairs lounge contains a computer with high-speed Internet. A clear skylight brightens the lounge area.
The office area with high-speed Internet.
Several skylights brighten the loft.
This bathroom murals and others in the house and rancho were painted by international artist Sue Ryan. A decorated skylight.
This mural in the first-floor bathroom is by international artist Sue Ryan.
A large skylight illuminates a silk screen artwork.
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