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Lake Arenal and Arenal Volano
The only CRGAR and NAR certified Realtor at Lake Arenal, Costa Rica
H214c Classic Tico rancho achieves pleasurable refinement
A chef’s dream and center of family or social pleasure extraordinaire is found adjacent to the house in a huge 40’x20’ detached rancho built to last forever of teak framing, steel roofing, and concrete and multi-colored slate flooring. The custom kitchen includes a wood burning pizza oven, griddle, gas grill, wood BBQ pit, prep area and bar made of locally harvested Guanacaste hardwoods.  It is cozy enough for al fresco family meals and large enough to host larger parties and entertain friends and visitors. This rancho has twice served as concert venue, dance floor, and general hangout spot for a private bluegrass festival known as the Lavapalooza. 
The with elaborate artwork and cooking facilities greatly increases enjoyment of the scenic, temperate location. The large floor space enables parties and even performances.
The ventilated high roof carries away cooking smoke and odors.
There's plenty of room for a variety of gatherings.
One can even enjoy fresh fruit from the neighboring orchard while lounging in a hammock. Murals by a professional artist enhance the rancho experience.
The array of cooking facilities is along the wall behind the bar.
A Sue Ryan mural beautifies part of the rancho's surrounding wall.
Colorful artistry decorates the table pedestal and the chairs. The racho table is made of local hardwood from a naturally fallen tree.
The artistic highlights continue.
A hardwood table with fruit trees beyond.
A wood BBQ is well made and sizeable. There's also a gas BBQ.
Wood and gas BBQ grills are among the chef's choiices.
A brick over is great for making pizza and bread. Mosaic sun was made onsite by local artists.
The pizza oven.
The mosaic sun in the rancho floor.
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